Colon Health is exceptionally important to your overall general health. Here are a few point to let you know that your bowel needs urgent attention.
Urgent signs of colon trouble

Although the symptoms above call for you to make an appointment with your doctor, the symptoms below indicate you need see a healthcare professional right away for prompt medical attention, Wong advises:

• Diarrhea that lasts more than five days

• Unintended weight loss

• Persistent vomiting

• Black tarry stools

• Bright red blood in your stool or bloody diarrhea

• Unexplained fatigue

• Pain in the stomach area that improves or worsens when you eat

• Persistent fever

• Pain when having a bowel movement

• Abdominal pain that is persistent and severe or that wakes you from sleep 

• Persistent heartburn that is not relieved with over-the-counter antacids
Why not consider treating your colon or learning how to do a home enema ?
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Showing all 5 results